Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Words To Live By In 2013 {If we make it past Friday}

2012 was a year full of many amazing ups but a lot of tremendously sad downs. I don't know what I would have done without my friends and family. Honestly, it was a year that really showcased who my friends REALLY are and how much kindness and love from others can really help you get through anything that stands in your way. I have been a bit negative {and I want to say how sorry I am to those that love me for being such a debbie downer} but 2013 is a new start, a new life.

Actually, according to the Myans, Friday will be a brand new start! Let's do this.

Here are some words to live by starting December 22, 2012!

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Hi-Five Drybar!

It's no secret that the Drybar in Dallas, Tx is my favorite place to lounge around. I have a membership, and with that I get two blowouts a month (at a slight discount off retail price), one free scalp and neck massage and 10% off products.

Speaking of products...

I geeked out this morning when I saw the new line of Drybar tools and "sauce" as they called the line of shampoos, conditioners and frizz fighters. They will be sold at Sephora and Drybar starting in March 2013. I'm not sure if I can wait that long though!!
Buttercup- $190
The 3-Day Bender- $125
Smooth Operator- $125

Shampoo- $23
Happy Hour Conditioner- $23
Heat Protector/Frizz Fighter- $33

Detox Dry Shampoo $20 <--- WANT!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Forever 25

Loving the buttoned all the way up looks at Forever 21 right now (and of course the prices!) Here are my favorites from their website! That fabulous bow front shirt in white... only $13.95 with free shipping today! Heck yes!

I say forever 25 because my birthday is less than a week away and I'd prefer to just stay at 25 rather than moving to 26. Capeesh?

Forever 25


Monday, December 10, 2012

Tips to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

I'm as much doing this blog post for me to remember, hey, just because you have an event Thursday night doesn't mean that your whole week is pig out week. I sometimes think that it is ok to blow my healthy eating habits all week long if I know I have an event with limited food selection one day that week. HELLO stupid thinking.

I hate that I have such an all or nothing approach to the healthy lifestyle. My caloric consumption varies so much from day to day that I give a new meaning to swing dieter. One day I bet I'll only consume 900 calories then the next day 2900 calories because I'm so flipping hungry from the 900 calorie day.

My friend Lisa and I spent the past year working out religiously 2-4 times per week doing fun classes like Turbo Kick and Zumba. I recently just moved to Dallas, Tx and lost my workout buddy, and clearly my motivation for keeping fit. By some grace of God, I have not gained too much weight since I moved here, but I have lost muscle and that makes me feel terrible about myself.

I'm waking up this Monday morning and saying, GET IT TOGETHER SARAH.

Here are my tips and tricks for staying focused and fit during the holidays, well really any time of year!

1. Utilize your iphone: Track, track, track, then track some more. The best app I have on my phone is My Fitness Pal. I just went through and friended as many random people as possible so I have people cheering me on, and vice versa. Who cares if I dont' know them, in fact, that may even make it better because I can be more honest! I update my weight every monday, and when I lose weight, it get's announced in my "news feed" then all my friends start to congratulate me on my weight loss! Whoo! Friends or strangers, encouragement and congrats are always fun to receive.

2. Choose your cocktails wisely: Here are my tips for cocktail ordering... best to stay to the left!

3. MOVE: Move somehow. Do something. Don't stress out this time of year about not being in the gym for an hour. Do a 30 minute spin class instead of an hour of turbo kick. Do 15 minutes of abs. Walk the dog for longer than normal. Go to Zumba instead of spin if you just can't fathom being in spin class for 45 minutes. I know that is so hard for me sometimes. Run around in circles in your apartment... regardless, just move, then you can have more wine!

4. Don't live an all or nothing lifestyle: If you mess up at a catered work lunch, don't dwell, your day is not shot. Eat a salad for dinner! Those who wander are not lost!

5. Fear the most common misconceptions: 

6. Take Pictures: Pregnant women take pictures of their belly's growing and post it on Facebook every week. Well, take similar pictures and watch yourself shrink. I try and pick the worst possible outfit that makes me look super heavy on day one of a health overhall. My go to is usually this awful pair of pink workout tights. No clue why I bought them other than to make myself feel like a fatty! I update my picture each week to see my progress! Of course, I don't post the on facebook, OBVI!

I realize this information is pretty basic, and common, but sometimes it helps to remind yourself of the essentials of a healthy lifestyle. Just in case you need a bit more motivation to be skinny and fit, here you go.
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Never eating again.

Monday, December 3, 2012


My musings in my apartment and my fabulous city this weekend via instagram!

From top left: 
1. Treated myself to rock candy and champagne! You would be shocked how difficult it is to find rock candy. Had to go to three different places! 
2. Found some cute new pillows (only 5 bucks!) from Ikea this weekend. Oh, and my pup thinks the arm rest is just for him. He is probably right. 
3. The Dallas skyline. I went to a downtown vintage flea market on Saturday with some Pi Phi friends! Snapped this pic on the way home! 
4. Cheerwine! This North Carolina staple was just sitting on the shelf at Specs! Had to grab it! 
5. Got matching stockings for me and my pup! 
6. Spent an insane amount of time making custom drink stirrers. A little worried about my sanity after that venture. 
7. Grabbed the JCrew luggage everyone has been pinning! Too bad it is a little girls overnight bag :( sad face.
8. Lazy sunday snuggled up with my pup was fabulous
9. YES i'm obsessed with my dog. Wanna fight about it?
10. Heard this oldie but goodie on the radio. Had to snap a pic to remember to go download it later!

How was your weekend, dolls?