Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Excuse Me Sir, Where Are Your Nuts Located?"

Peak my Pinterest: volume 2. This round went much better than the drug addict snowmen. I decided to tackle the Hex Nut Bracelet from Honestly WTF.

I started by trying to track down the right materials (obvi). Finding the rope was no problem. I chose two different kinds of rope to experiment with: one suede, one leather. 

Here is where it gets tricky. Unlike all the other people I read who did this project, I didn't just have NUTS laying around the house in an abandoned tool box. I went into Lowe's and walked around for 20 minutes unable to find the "nuts" section. I just was praying I would stumble upon the nuts and not have to ask the Lowe's man, "Excuse me, where are your nuts located." And VOILA I found the nuts... one problem though, I couldn't find any BRASS nuts.. grrr.

Then the Lowe's man comes up and says, "Can I help you with something?" and without thinking I blurt out, "Uh yeah, I can't find your brass nuts." GAH!

ANYWAYSSS... I grabbed my nuts and ran outta there!


had to tape down the rope, AND YES I bought new tape for the occasion!

You need about 18-20 nuts. Braid your rope for about an inch.

Then you will start braiding your nuts into the rope. 

Then continue braiding another inch down and tie off the rope.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Hell No L-O-L, Hell No L-O-L

This is my protest post to get rid of the abbreviation, "LOL".

Are you REALLY laughing out loud? Or are you just sitting on the other end of my text/email using a filler term like LOL to get me to shut up and leave you alone? I'm guessing, the latter.

It is so rare that I ever laugh out loud from written text. How many times have you sat at Barnes and Noble and heard an uncontrollable laughing howl coming from the fatty in the self help section? Never, because written text, when you are BY YOURSELF, isn't FUNNY!!

Recent uses of "LOL" I found wildly inappropriate:

Friend: "Running a couple of minutes late, LOL" <----Ummm... Why are you laughing about making me wait for you? 

Me: Sorry about missing that email, responding now.
Other party: ok, Lol. <---- WHAT?

Me (text): I'm so so sorry I am late but my dog got really sick this morning and I had to take care of him. I will be into work a bit late.
Other party: lol. no problem. <--- my dog was sick jerk, why are you laughing out loud?

Me: Your friend Tracy is here.
Other party: Oh, Lol. When will she be there until?
Me: 5
Other party: ok, lol. <------ I hate you.

Me: Guy at Starbucks messed up my drink order.
Other party: lol. <-----UGHHHHH, that wasn't funny. 

My all-time favorite is when people use LOL after something THEY say. This means you either like to laugh out loud at your own jokes or you are using LOL to imply that it was a joke. You are basically saying, "Hey get it? It was a joke.. get it? I'm laughing out loud, so you should be laughing out loud too, because it was a joke, get it?"

If you just love to LOL all over yourself, that is fine. Just please do me a favor and try and cutback on your LOLing. Perhaps in the future just gauge your reaction on a scale from one to ten as you type. One being you are frowning, ten being you just wet your pants and a little poop came out you laughed so hard. If you are on a level of 8-10, go ahead and type LOL. If you are anywhere from a 1 to a 7, hit the backspace three times and choose a different abbreviation (Haha is sometimes quite an effective replacement!)

Friday, January 20, 2012

A Sunny Disposition

Wrote a guest post yesterday and I loved the images so much I couldn't help but share on my blog! I hope this provides you with some sunny inspiration to overcome a dreary disposition on this cold, winter day!

All images via Pinterest


Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Obsession: Melody Gardot

Melody Gardot has been around for a few years now, but thanks to Spotify's suggestions of artists similar to Norah Jones (love) I just recently stumbled upon her music! She has the most beautiful voice and her lyrics are just lovely. I hope you enjoy the beautiful Melody as much as I do!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

An Engaging Engagement

Many of my friends are getting engaged and married and I'm so excited to celebrate their big day. One of my dear friends even asked me to take some snapshots to celebrate their engagement (seen below!!) In honor of the occasion, here are some of my most favorite engaging engagement shots! I tend to love "themed" engagement shoots. It is the only time in your life you get to have a professional follow you around (other than the big day) so why not make it whimsical? The happy couple wanted to go Ice Skating in a local outdoor ice rink! So cute!

Pictures by Yours Truly: <3My Photography debut! For those with criticism, I'm pursuing a career in marketing, not photography, so keep your negative opinions to yourself, but feel free to shower the compliments!