Monday, December 3, 2012


My musings in my apartment and my fabulous city this weekend via instagram!

From top left: 
1. Treated myself to rock candy and champagne! You would be shocked how difficult it is to find rock candy. Had to go to three different places! 
2. Found some cute new pillows (only 5 bucks!) from Ikea this weekend. Oh, and my pup thinks the arm rest is just for him. He is probably right. 
3. The Dallas skyline. I went to a downtown vintage flea market on Saturday with some Pi Phi friends! Snapped this pic on the way home! 
4. Cheerwine! This North Carolina staple was just sitting on the shelf at Specs! Had to grab it! 
5. Got matching stockings for me and my pup! 
6. Spent an insane amount of time making custom drink stirrers. A little worried about my sanity after that venture. 
7. Grabbed the JCrew luggage everyone has been pinning! Too bad it is a little girls overnight bag :( sad face.
8. Lazy sunday snuggled up with my pup was fabulous
9. YES i'm obsessed with my dog. Wanna fight about it?
10. Heard this oldie but goodie on the radio. Had to snap a pic to remember to go download it later!

How was your weekend, dolls?


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