Thursday, August 23, 2012

Top Ten Chick Flicks You Must Have In Your Collection

I was going through my collection of DVDs last night, sorting them out thinking I may sell them to the used Book/Dvd store in town. Since I can get anything on Netflix with the touch of a button, why have DVDs taking up space?

This theory worked for most of my DVDs (like Scary Movie 3-- why I owned that I have no clue) but there are some movies I just couldn't bring myself to part with. Here is my top 10 List of Chick Flicks every girl must have in their collection.

10. Love Actually- Love actually IS all around!

9. Mean Girls- Stop trying to make FETCH happen, its not going to happen.

8. Clueless- You're a virgin.... WHO CAN'T DRIVE

7. Crazy, Stupid, Love- Seriously, It's like you're photoshopped

Here is one more fore your viewing pleasure.... you're welcome. 

6. 5 Year Engagement- It isn't out on DVD yet but give me Jason Segel and I'll watch it a trillion times in a row. It comes out September 11th on DVD so please please please go buy it! You will love it!

5. Definitely, Maybe- A love story with any of the Ryan's (Gosling or Reynolds) is sure to make a Top Ten Chick Flick list!

4. Pride and Prejudice- That scene in the rain where Mr. Darcy spits out, "I love you" to Elizabeth super awkward and really fast you almost have to say, "Wait, what did he say?" YAYY!

3. Sweetest Thing- 22..... 28. 22......28. 22......28.
2. Sex and the City- #1.... 2 was crap, but yes, I couldn't part with Sex and the City 2 either. Loyalty ties people! It wasn't logic, it was love!

And the number one chick flick in my opinion and you will find it filed under THE BEST MOVIE EVER MADE....

 1.  The Devil Wears Prada- Where is my coffee? Did she die or something?

Who agrees/disagrees? What would you have picked?


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