Friday, November 16, 2012

Holiday Sparkle and Shine on the Cheap!

I shop at the same stores over and over again (forever, H&M, Tj Maxx) and it always seems that they carry so many great sparkly dresses, then I pick them up and they are skin tight and would show a ton of booty. Not something I feel comfortable wearing, ever. I was killing time yesterday before a spa appointment in Northpark mall in Dallas, Tx... and I popped into Charlotte Russe which had sparkles in the window display that caught my eye and I figured, eh, I'll check it out! What I found were amazing party dresses for the holiday season that were FIT AND FLARE!!

In case we haven't met, I live in fit and flare. Everyday.

Pretty much all of these dresses were $29.99 but I just found out that they are having a buy one get one 50% off sale that started today... sorry for me, I was in there yesterday :(


They didn't have the dress I bought on the website... but here is my goober smiley pic from the dressing room. Yes, thank you, my holiday socks are awesome.


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