Thursday, January 12, 2012

Frosty: The Meltally Retarded Snowman

Now if you will turn your attention to this curtain, for my first Pinterest act I will turn an "easy" to recreate melted snowman cookie into a homeless man with no job, no family and no prospects addicted to heroin and cheap vodka sleeping in a gutter in North Bronx, NY.

I'm sure this was supposed to be easy, but I have a craft deficiency and I can't cook. So naturally, for my first pinterest recreation I decided to tackle cooking and crafty-ness. Duh!

By the third cookie I was over it. But I had to keep going. Here is how this sucker breaks down (literally). For those of you who think, "Man, if she couldn't do it, I can't do it." You are wrong. Did I follow the directions? No. Did I even bring a picture to the kitchen with me? No. So sue me. This is why this post will be so entertaining!

So here is what I was supposed to be making thanks to the uber crafty Megan at Crazy Domestic.

And here is what I came up with....

Why I thought a snowman had 73 fingers I'm not sure?

Frat boys on Saturday morning at 4a.m....


Challenges: I tried to be cheap (surprise) and use old icing so it was runny. Yuck. Sugar cookies were fine, as was the white icing. I guess I could go back in and mash his head further in. This is your snowman, this is your snowman on drugs.

I am bringing them to a work party (more like pawning them off on co-workers) so we will gauge their reaction. I am somewhat the boss at work so I'm pretty sure their reaction will be null and void because they are required to be nice to me! 

I promise I am better with hair and makeup. Maybe I will tackle that next on Pinterest! 


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