Friday, January 13, 2012

Stars... They Are Just Like Us! {Well minus the fact that they are nothing like us}

Yeah this is EXACTLY how I look when I go to the gym. Stars... they are just like us!

Kill me now, is this girl for serious...
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Hey Fergie... 1982 called, they want their headphones back...
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Who runs in a skirt? See if she had on leggings then, yes, she would be just like me... but she chose a skirt making that the ONLY difference in how Heidi looks when she works out and how I look when I work out.
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Here is my suggested article for US Weekly's next edition of Stars: They're just like us. I can hardly tell who's who?!? Jessica Simpson really makes it easy for us regular people to look JUST like her!! Thanks girl...XOXO Jess!


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